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Startforth Parish Church was built in 1863 by J. & W. Hay of Liverpool. It replaced an earlier medieval building. Built of rock-faced stone with ashlar dressings it has a graduated Lakeland slate roof with ornamental purple tile cresting. The west tower boasts a tolling bell which rings out on the Sundays we worship together there.

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Startforth sits on the banks of the Tees just across the river from the well known town of Barnard Castle. The name originally referred to the ford that connected the two communities dating back to Roman times.

Today the church seeks to serve the local community in a number of ways. These include supporting a lunch club, community cafe, toddler group, and more. Baptisms remain popular as children join in with the ages old Christian story that has defined our nation over centuries. We are wholly inclusive, welcoming members of the LGBTQ+ community to play a full part in the life of the church.

The picture to right followed a local baptism undertaken outside by the Rector.

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